How To Check The Fluid Levels Under The Hood

Keeping tabs on all of your vehicle’s fluid levels is important for the longevity of your engine. Here are some tips on how to check the various fluid levels under the oil.

Motor Oil
When checking your motor oil level, always be sure to park your vehicle on a relatively flat surface. Pull out the dipstick and wipe it clean with a rag. Next, reinsert the dipstick back into the hole to get a proper reading. Once you pull the dipstick back out, check the oil Read the rest of this entry »

Inexpensive Items To Keep In Your Car For Emergencies

When traveling on the road, a sudden emergency could occur at any time. Here are a few inexpensive items that you should always keep in your car.

There is no worse feeling than to be stranded in the dark with no light. A simple flashlight ensures that you will always have an available source of light during emergencies.

Cell Phone Charger
Often times, drivers fail to notice that their phone may have very little battery life left.

Jumper Read the rest of this entry »

What To Do When Your Engine Will Not Start

Sitting in the car with your engine not working is never fun. It almost certainly means you are going to be late for some sort of appointment or scheduled activity. You can try a couple of times to get your engine to start, but you should not keep forcing it. By doing so, you might wind up causing even more damage.

As long as the car is cooled down, you can check under the hood Read the rest of this entry »

Your Kids Are About to Drive…

You care about safety you’ve got a HomeSecurity alarm, you take your vitamins and you turn off the ironbut what about your kids? If your kids are about to start driving here are a few things you need to have a discussion about:
Seatbelts: if you’ve got kids about to get their licenses they have to know what the ground rules are when it comes to seatbelts. There should be a zero tolerance policy when it comes to seatbelts and they best thing to do is for them to buckle up before they even start the car.
Alcohol: Obviously if your kids are young they need to stay away from alcohol to begin with but do they know what to look for when it comes to getting in the car with a drinking driver? Talk to them about the signs and come up with a plan.
Speed: Your kids have to know that the minute they get their first speeding ticket they’re no longer allowed to drive their car. This should be a non-negotiable and encourage them to drive safely.

How Incorrect Tire Pressure Can Negatively Affect Your Vehicle

Having incorrect tire pressure can negatively affect your vehicle in several ways, which can often result in bad situations.
Under-inflated tires are a major liability for most vehicles, accounting for 33,000 injuries and 660 fatalities each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Under-inflated tires affect the vehicles load and weight carrying capacity and also waste fuel. They have to use more traction to move because the under-inflated tire will not maintain it’s original shape which cause the excess usage of gasoline. Tires Read the rest of this entry »

How Wet Roads Impact Your Vehicle Control Capabilities

When driving in the rain, it is important to be extremely careful in order to keep you and everyone else you’re sharing the road with safe. Accidents can happen at any given time and it is best to always be on alert to make sure that should an accident happen while you are driving, damages and injury are kept at a minimum. When the roads are wet and slick, it is very easy to make the wrong move and end up Read the rest of this entry »

How To Read The Motor Oil Levels With A Dipstick

Getting into the routine of checking the oil levels of your vehicle is very important to it being a lasting tool of your life. You always want to check the oil level with the motor off and the engine usually cooled down. There are two levels marked off on your dipstick: the upper and lower levels, some are even just marked with a dot or hole in the dipstick itself. You want to first start by removing the Read the rest of this entry »

Know The Importance Of How To Maintain Tire Tread

When sharing the road with other drivers, it is very important to know just exactly what condition your tires are in. Being able to account for the tread on your tires will make all of the difference between safely making it home from work and having a car accident. There are several different methods which can be used to prolong the life of your tires and it is very important to pay close attention to these Read the rest of this entry »